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Dr Arun Purohit

Dr Arun Purohit is an MD in Internal Medicine, completed under Senior Research Fellowship from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). He has worked as an expert for identification of new products and developing pipeline for product development by R&D. A natural teacher and mentor he can interact and inspire confidence and trust in people. During his corporate career he mentored and placed many managers in various leadership positions in cross functional roles which were very well recognized. He has medical expertise for strategic and commercial goals for a company’s business. He can mentor young entrepreneurs for R&D, manufacturing, licensing and business development, marketing in product promotion and new ideas, brand and market building and enhancement of company image. He can also guide them to work with IP teams and within cross-functional teams. Dr Purohit remained associated with Ranbaxy Labs Ltd., Gurgaon, (India) as Medical Director / Head (Global Marketing). He created major brands through scientific CMEs and Networking eg. Statins. He also worked as Medical Advisor / Sr. Medical Advisor – Medical & Regulatory Affairs for Cadila Laboratories Ltd., Ahmedabad, India and as Research Officer – Medical Division, National Instt. Of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad (ICMR). He worked with Nortons, A UK financial and professional advisory company, as head of Global life sciences, working for In- licensing, partnering, contract research and manufacturing and M&A activities. Now he is an independent consultant in life sciences for product portfolio development, medico marketing, licensing and business development and product strategy. He is an advisor to a large pharma company in Indian subcontinent, a small US specialty company in nanotechnology, and health care advisor to a reputed capital investment advisory firm.