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Incubatees Start-ups and Thrust Areas


Ekosight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Community Health

PoC soil testing device with real-time data analysis

Neuranics Lab Pvt. Ltd.
AI powered and cloud enabled detection and analysis device for high throughput screening of blood.

Carepath Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Sports Science & Physiotherapy

Affordable cardio-pulmonary tele-rehabilitation and remote monitoring platform for chronic heart and lung patients

Testament Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Community Health

SpotHealth, developed by Testament is a full stack community driven platform for overall well being

Holycon Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
Biomedical Device
A portable, non-electric, affordable, Oxygen concentrating device.

Loopus Weartech Pvt. Ltd.
Biomedical Device
A smart band for elderly fall detection.

Tashi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile App & Data solution

ATMs: Software for advance therapeutic management

Biovantri Group Pvt. Ltd.

Waste Management & Formulation

Crop residue upcycling through mycotechnology for production of Mushroom based nutraceuticals


Praecisio Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Supply Chain Solution

Validated cold chain shipping solution

Evol Medline Pvt. Ltd

Community Health

Eco Smart Air Mask

Mask (N95, N99)

SPRK Med Pvt. Ltd.

Sports & physical well-being of athletes

An app for well-being of athletes allowing them to screen drugs for possible banned substances

Rejeda Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


Product for Diabetic foot ulcers

Vedhalife Research Pvt. Ltd

Community Health

Workplace health improvement by using tools like mobile app, E-training &Workshops

Antesde Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Biomedical Device

E-bottle for dispensing drug in a specialized packing fitted with a NFC Chip

Adavor Labs. Pvt. Ltd.
Community Health
Smart air quality monitoring system

Persuade Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
Data Solution
A new information technology solution for organizing data in chemical sector

Hants Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Known as Brajkush Industries Pvt. Ltd.)
Community Health & Sanitation
Low cost, green technology, environment friendly superoxidised water for maintenance of hygiene is rural and urban sectors

Biohill Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


Scientific and commercial viability analysis of Nanoherbaceuticals containing African grapes

Mechagon Robotics Pvt. Ltd.


Mind controlled prosthetic arm

Cerelia Nutritech Pvt. Ltd.
Transdermal Micronutrients

Inmito Meditech Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Artificial Dura Membranes
  2. Low Frequency Ultrasonic Wearable Patches

OSTG Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hygiene & wellness

Intimate care and sexual wellness product